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Most owners of construction industry businesses start by dreaming about how entrepreneurship will open up new financial security and freedoms in life.

It's not long before they find themselves working longer hours, taking a pay cut, feeling more stress, and being exhausted both mentally and physically.

Switching from being an employee to a business owner comes with its own challenges.

Building a successful business takes guts to navigate the ups and downs.

 Just remember, YOU'VE GOT THIS! 

With a little work and strong footing, your startup goals will become a reality.

We are here to provide support.

At this business phase, we support aspiring Entrepreneurs who:

  • Are starting out in a trades/construction related business.

  • Are looking to branch out on their own in the trades industry.

  • Need a business plan and are looking to apply for funding or grants.

  • Don't want to spend time creating a professional public image for the business.

  • Need a solid internal operating system setup right from the start.


    We strive to create opportunity, growth, and flexibility for construction and trade business owners. This is achieved through producing educational content and providing 1:1 done-for-you services or do-it-yourself guidance.

    Just as having cracks in the foundation can cause significant issues for a house, a cracked foundation leads to chaos in your business as well. This comes from making strategic decisions based on gut feeling rather than on an actual plan, having systems setup, and pivoting with regularly incoming data.

    Business Planning For Startups

    It all starts with creating a business plan that outlines the full scope from market analysis to logistics and operational planning. It is also key when applying for funding, grants or permits.

    Let’s Get Planning!

    Craft Your Business Brand

    We will build a professional presence when creating branded guidelines for your company's logo, colors and fonts as consistency is key. 

    Let's Start Designing!

    Level Up Your Sales Actions

    We are ready to conduct an existing website audit, create blogs, build a new website or manage social media content. Showcase your skills and be found online at the right time by the right people.

    Let’s Go Digital!

    Setup Your Digital Back Office

    Managing office operations including leads, CRM, estimates, invoicing, payroll and contracts. We will show you how easy it is to make decisions, focus on real-time numbers and prepare for tax time.

    Let’s Get Setup!

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